Environmental Info

Giftwrap UK Ltd and Stewo International are committed to the notion of a sustainable environment. We always look at ways we can promote recycling, reduce waste and help protect the climate. As our companies grow, our focus will remain on the environment and what responsible actions we can take to help.

All of our products that comply with FSC, PEFC and CO2 guidelines are marked with the respective certification symbol.

The FSC Label

Stewo has been FSC certified since May 2008. This certification expresses our commitment towards engaging with nature, using its resourses and complying with the objectiives of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in a responsible and caring manner.

The Objectives of the FSC

The FSC standards comprise 10 principles and criteria for exemplary forest management. Credible traceability of forest products is the central requirement for the certification of the processing and trade chain (Chain of Custody). Specialist companies verify adherence to the rigorous standards.

FSC Worldwide

Over the last 10 years, more than 54 million hectares of forest and in excess of 3,900 companies in over 70 countries have received FSC certification. As of spring 2005, over 500,000 hectares of Swiss forest and more than 350 companies have received FSC certification.

The PEFC Label

Stewo has been PEFC certified since May 2008. The PEFC certifiaction expresses our commitment towards the notion of the ecologically sustainable management of the most important resource - the forest.

What does PEFC stand for?

PEFC stands for the economically sensible, environmentally friendly and socially sustainable use of the forests in complience with the Helsinki criteria (Resolution concerning the protection of forests in Europe).

Who's behind PEFC?

PEFC is an initiative of the private forest and timber industry, a volutary labeling system, based on a consensus with key interest groups, who adhere to the notion of sustainable forest management at a national and regional level.

What benefits does PEFC bring?

PEFC provides customers and the public with an assurance that the labeled timber was sourced from a sustainable forestry venture and that the continuance of one of our most important resources is safeguarded.

Reduced CO2 - Climate protection from conviction

Stewo International has been voluntary climate protection certified since January 2008. Stewo advocates ongoing climate protection out of conviction. By declaring its voluntary accession to the program of the Energy Agency of the Economy, Stewo commits itself to the active reduction of CO2 emissions and to the optimisation of energy efficiency.

Striving as partners towards targets

The environmental policy targets of the federal government can only be achieved if the economy and state work together in partnership. To this end, influential trade associations founded the Energy Agency of the Economy (EnAW) in 1999. It lobbies for an increase in energy efficiency and for a reduction in CO2 emissions, and has signed a respective framework contract with the federal government.

The Targets

The targets of the agency are based on the CO2 Emissions Reduction Act. It stipulates a reduction in CO2 emssions in Switzerland to 90% of 1990 level by 2010.